If you're reading this...I am still writing.

If you're reading this...I am still writing. I am currently authoring a book that has required my soul to be handed to you like a newborn, covered is the evidence of birth. This is the hardest, most raw and scariest endeavor of my life. If you've visited my website, you know the premise of my book. Before Each Dawn, letters written to the women in my immediate family. I am calling it an "anthology of strength", collection of courage, dance with the Divine - those last 2 phrases, I just made them up!

As you read my book, you'll be welcomed into my woman-tribe. I hope that you'll see our beauty, especially the kind that mirrors your own. I hope that you will find strength where you didn't know it existed. Peace, because you are not the only one who has been ravished by life. I hope that you will join our tribe and dance with us until it's dawn. 

The purpose of this blog will be to chronicle the process of writing. I'd like to bring you, the reader, along for the journey. I'd like to build community, in the hope that when I do release this book, someone will be standing with me. 

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One last request, this baby of mine, please don't drop her.