Excerpt from 'Before each Dawn'

"Don't let them see you cry" whether it's a bully, a man mistreating you, or a boss who is violating federal law. I am a cry baby, I cried. Instead, I would tell my daughter to play to her strengths. If you must cry, cry in private. Say a prayer, draw on the strength of your ancestors, who watch over you and pray for you. Know that you are never alone, and like your momma, if you can, outsmart your enemy at her own game. Use her words against her, look her in the eyes and imagine she is just a piece on a chess board. Take out their queen. Be ruthless. Then, my daughter, straighten your crown and go about your business.
Play in fields where tulips and hydrangeas grow, live in a world of possibility and hope. Believe the best of everyone, even when they show you differently. Love does win. You will win. If you bleed in the process, make them pay. You are royalty. You come from queens. It is inevitable that you will reign. Baby you will teach your daughters to do the same.